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About E.R.I.C.

Early Recognition is Critical, E.R.I.C., employs Ultimate Frisbee Clinics and Spirit of the Game to teach youth about cancer symptoms, the importance of an active lifestyle, and speak up when something is wrong.

We host events across the nation to promote recognizing cancer early and need your help spreading the word! Please look around our site to hear our story and join the mission! Together, let's huck cancer!

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Active Living

To educate youth about cancer symptoms and use ultimate Frisbee to empower them to be active and to speak up when something is wrong.

We work with local ultimate organizations and players from the American Ultimate Disc League to bring clinics to middle-school students.

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Our Vision

Early Recognition is Critical, E.R.I.C., will employ team sports to teach youth about body & cancer symptom awareness and the importance of healthy living.

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Our Values

What we believe in:

  • Providing sports opportunities for all youth.
  • Helping youth get excited about physical activity and knowing their body including healthy living and body maintenance.
  • Teaching youth about the values of sportsman-like conduct and Spirit of the Game.
  • Helping youth learn respect for others, on and off the field, and learning to work collaboratively in times of agreement and disagreement.
  • Teaching youth to speak up for themselves on the field, at school, and at home.
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Spirit of the Game is what puts Ultimate aside from all other sports.