Today's Leaders for a Cancer-Free Tomorrow

What We Do

How We Execute Our Mission.

One of the biggest connections between cancer awareness and ultimate frisbee is self- advocacy. E.R.I.C. teaches kids they need to speak up in a game if they get fouled, just as they need to speak up, if they notice cancer-related symptoms that we educate them about.

E.R.I.C. runs clinics for kids, where we actively educate them on a lifestyle that makes early recognition more likely.

Harness clinical expertise through the establishment of Clinical Advisory Boards (comprised of Pediatricians, Oncologists, & more).

Teach youth leadership skills including public speaking, negotiation, conflict resolution, event planning, and execution.

Develop age-appropriate content for youth to learn about health, cancer, ultimate frisbee, etc.

Create a network of qualified and certified E.R.I.C. coaches to help support and share the organization’s mission nationally. We are actively looking for more volunteers to deliver our clinic program in schools nationally and want your help! E.R.I.C. supports gender equity and would like women and individuals who identify as female to play a larger role in our clinic program, so please join us to coach, lead and make a difference in youth's lives! Sign up to volunteer.


Host Ultimate Frisbee Clinics for middle-school aged youth.

Procure new partnerships with schools, local ultimate disc organizations, competitive frisbee teams, community organizations (such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts), and competitive and professional ultimate frisbee teams. Our Team is doing ongoing outreach and would love help in identifying new partnerships. Email if you're interested in learning more. 


Utilize educational / promotional videos and other marketing materials to inform/educate schools (administrators, teachers), youth, parents, and caregivers.

Donate ultimate frisbees (“discs”) and 'learn how to play' Clinic Kits to School partners; tee-shirts for coaches and select participants.

Spirit of the Game is what puts Ultimate aside from all other sports.