Early Recognition is Critical Volunteer Running a Clinic

Run a Clinic

At E.R.I.C. our focus is delivering youth clinics to middle school PE classes across North America.

In 2016, E.R.I.C. worked with over 40,000+ youth as par of our clinic program. We are looking to collaborate and create partnerships with schools, local ultimate disc organizations, community organizations, competitive and professional ultimate frisbee teams.

Ultimate community -- we have a favor to as -- do you have contacts at schools in your community who would be interested in working with E.R.I.C. and running a clinic at their school? If so, please email us at carla@earlyrecognitioniscritical.org and provide an introduction. Thank you!

Clinic Kits

This is a list containing all the materials you'll receive should you start your own E.R.I.C clinic.

Estimated Clinic Participants 400
E.R.I.C. Discs 400
E.R.I.C. Hats 40
E.R.I.C. Stickers 400
E.R.I.C. Pins 400
E.R.I.C. Flyers 400
Cones 24
Pennies 24
Sharpies 6
First Aid Kit 1
Banners 2
Posters 4
Speak Up and run a clinic

Speak Up and run a clinic

We will electronically send educational E.R.I.C. flyers to the school to help distribute to students and parents prior to the E.R.I.C. clinics.

We are working to create a series of instructional videos for middle school P.E. teachers to successfully teach an ultimate unit during P.E. classes.

We are also working to create resources for coaches to successfully run a youth ultimate season.

For further information please contact jeremy@earlyrecognitioniscritical.org.

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